Abby Mosseri Portrait the Makers Gallery of Lewes

Fascinated in the adornments of ancient cultures, Abby references archeological collections, particularly artefacts from Egyptian and Minoan civilisations. Her distinctive work harmoniously blends classical goldsmithing skills with a contemporary, pared-back aesthetic. 

Abby’s jewellery life began in London’s jewellery quarter Hatton Garden, where she worked in the trade with a Master Jeweller and gained an appreciation for true craftsmanship.  

Following this apprentice-style training, Abby went on to complete a BA(hons) in Jewellery Design at Central St. Martins in London, where she developed and honed in her distinctive design style. 

 In 2020 Abby established THE MAKERS GALLERY OF LEWES. This beautiful space attached to her workshop is a permenent showcase for her ever evolving collections of gemset jewellery. She has exhibited at prestigious jewellery events such as Goldsmith Fair  and is proud to have a piece of her early work archived in the British Museum. Collaborations include 3 collections designed for the Glyndebourne Opera Festival, and silver work commissioned for 2022  Netflix film “Heart of Stone”.

Now entering her fourth decade as a Jeweller she designs by intuition, a spontaneous flow of making and composing, each step informing the next. This immersive practice becomes a dance of crafted elements culminating in harmonious groups of elegant jewellery. One of a kind pieces continue to explore her passion for archeological artefacts and gracefully embody  her signature “ancient modern” style.

Jewellery Care

Pieces by Abby Mosseri are designed and made to stand the test of time, though heavy treatment can damage precious metals and gemstones.

Always enjoy your jewellery whilst treating it with due care and respecting its precious nature .

Store each piece of jewellery separately to avoid damage and scratching.

Thank you

Photography Torz Dallison, Juliet Sheath & Sarah Weal

Graphic Design Luke Seal

Film Sheridan Storm